About Us

Small batch, handcrafted, and locally minded - Cellar Door Brewing is an independent craft brewery that focuses on locally sourced ingredients brewed with a farmhouse philosophy. Though we collectively appreciate and enjoy all beer styles, our individual passions couldn't be further apart. Expect diverse offerings comprised of traditional European and uniquely American beers with a concentration on Belgian and farmhouse ales.

We are also extremely dedicated to supporting local with the intentions of utilizing locally created products and ingredients whenever possible.

Drink Local. Eat Local. Think Local.

Meet the Brewers

John Lasher

What got you hooked: That all too familiar Delaware IPA.
Favorite style: Belgian Farmhouse. It’s such a broad style that anything is possible.
What to expect from me: An assortment of Belgians, both traditional and funky, including our Quatre Saisons series in which each Saison reflects the season it’s served.
Most excited to work on: I’m looking forward to starting our barrel aging and sours project.

Tim Bauer

What got you hooked: One word… Friends! Good friends who loved good beer shared their passion with me.
Favorite style: Bavarian Classics like the Bock and Märzen.
What to expect from me: Gebraut nach dem Bayerischen Reinheitsgebot von 1516 (Beer brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516)… well mostly.
Most excited to work on: I am looking forward to working on fresh and unique takes on classic alpine styles.

Bryan Wyant

What got you hooked: The great flavor of craft beer, but mostly the great bite and aroma of hops.
Favorite style: IPAs, stouts, and porters
What to expect from me: Recipe design centered around hops. Also some flavorful porters and stouts.
Most excited to work on: I am really looking forward to brew with the new hops hitting the market along with brewing some beers using hops from our garden.

Adam Lasher

What got you hooked: My brother introduced me to an assortment of brews from Church Brew Works and Dogfish Head. I've been ruined ever since.
Favorite style: Traditional lagers and hoppy IPAs.
What to expect from me: The creative use of a wide variety of unique hops and other ingredients. Also expect some pretty interesting IPAs.
Most excited to work on: I'm excited about the barrel aging and hop growing projects.